Brian Fitzgerald

Founder & Franchise Trainer

One of the very few actual natives of Washington, DC, Brian supports whomever is against the incumbent just to see turnover in town.  Forced out of his job in construction after the bubble burst, he went to craigslist with a ‘98 Chevy Suburban and an ad that said “Suburban Solutions – How Can I Help You?” That well-intentioned ad would start a one-man crusade with a cell phone, a truck and a can-do attitude that turned into what the company is today.  Gaining momentum, the business expanded with the addition of new team members, new trucks and new cities.  Joining him in Franchising are his partners Kevin & Patrick from the Philadelphia location.

Brian is married to a USAF Captain and enjoys fitness, Dave Ramsey podcasts and all things vehicle related.

Patrick McNichol


Patrick was born and raised in the Philadelphia area.  His background was in residential construction and program management at Boeing prior to opening up the Philadelphia location in 2014. His hometown roots and “build it better” attitude has won him the praise of neighbors and clients alike.  Active in local philanthropy, Patrick runs several annual fundraising events for his Cancer Benefit, The Elpis Foundation.  As the Chief of Technology for Franchising, his relentless efforts in system integration and in building the in-house software, MoveLink, is second to none. Patrick is what keeps the machine improving daily.

When not solving problems, he can be found playing basketball, cooking at home and relaxing on the beach down in Avalon, NJ.

Kevin Murphy


An original Bostonian, Kevin went to Penn State for Golf Management and is still a scratch golfer.  Kevin founded the Philadelphia Branch with Patrick and is the Philadelphia Operations and co-host of Phase I franchise training. Kevin spent a decade in new home construction where quality control, schedule management and customer service turned him into a detail fanatic.

He is married and enjoys his time on the course, reading through the NY Times best-seller list and  pre-work 6AM spin classes.