What Is Suburban Solutions?

A relocation expert. An incredibly versatile and capable moving business with the service tagline: Pack/Move/Junk/Clean. Those four categories make up the wide range of services Suburban Solutions has to offer. Suburban Solutions specializes in local and long distance apartment, residential and commercial moves as well as junk removal projects, cleaning and labor needs. From a single piece move to an entire home or office, our service is what sets us apart.

The SubSolve Story

Founded in 2009 by Brian Fitzgerald, Suburban Solutions was the product of a college degree in logistics and a wholehearted desire to break free from the confines of a cubicle. With an old Chevy Suburban and a burning desire to achieve more, “Suburban Solutions” started with a few referrals from family and friends. Word spread quickly of clean-cut, young professionals that moved furniture and performed junk-outs with a smile! As business blossomed, we began to analyze the competition and were shocked by the lack of legitimate, customer oriented, quality service options available. Some competitors “nickel and dimed” their customers, while others did not respond in a timely manner, showed up hours late, destroyed furniture or held belongings hostage. From the beginning, we set out to provide stress-free, customer-centric, tailored moving and junk removal solutions that would exceed our client’s expectations!

What Does a Moving Franchise Cost?

The cost for opening up a moving franchise can vary based on the setup of your operation. The most economical way to get started would be to rent a small office space with minimal parking and to lease your trucks. If your preference is to purchase an office space and trucks, then your start up costs will grow significantly. We can help you with ways to save money as you start up but not cut any corners. We have learned plenty of tricks and tips to get started as economically as possible and are excited to share these with you.

On the low end, expect to need around $90,000 for start up costs and 3 months of expenses. A franchisee may also need as much $166,000 on the high end if going with the purchasing route. Either way, we suggest a minimum of $50,000 in cash assets available and the rest can be secured through a variety of sources. We can also help with finding financing options that work best for your situation.

How Big Is the Relocation - Pack/Move/Junk/Clean - Industry?

Although difficult to collect all receipts regarding the relocation industry, one way of pegging the number comes from amassing the costs large companies spend in relocating talent throughout their company, whether it be new or existing employees. This total is over $9B as of 2013 according to the Worldwide Employee Relocation Committee. Not included in this total is the volume of single piece moves, local and intra-neighborhood moves as well as the junk removal and cleaning services triggered by these or other client needs. By expanding the service offerings to all facets of relocation, one could easily argue the national value of these services to be in the $15-20B range. As the American workforce becomes more mobile and urban centers less vehicle-friendly, we can count on the increased need for labor and truck based services to expand in the future.

What Are the Territory Sizes?

Currently, the territory sizes we are offering are 500,000 in population. Multiple territories are available and encouraged for franchisees. We have most major markets open for development.

What Makes Our Culture Special?

Our culture inspires leaders to build teams that are fully bought into the Suburban Solutions system and committed to not only improving the day to day business but also improving themselves. We work hand in hand with our owners to establish and realize short term as well as long term Personal, Professional and Financial goals.

Our goal is to not only become the best Moving Company but to become the best moving company to work for.

What Do Clients Say About Suburban Solutions?

Our clients are the heroes. One main focus at Suburban Solutions is 5 star service at all times. Delivering satisfaction to our clients every day is what keeps them coming back and referring our services. As a result, our review pages, like Yelp, reflect our clients’ positive reactions often referring to us as ‘the best moving company’. Our goal is to make a typically stress filled day a smooth and enjoyable transition to a new home and a new chapter in our clients life. Nothing is more rewarding than reading their positive reviews and sharing them with our team.

Who Is Our Competition?

We are a full service moving company that has all of the necessary systems in place to compete with any Local or National Moving Company. Our 5 Star customer service approach and building team consisting of the best movers in the Country, sets us apart in an industry that unfortunately has a historically poor reputation. Our franchise owners are limited only by the amount of effort they are willing to put into the business.

How Does MoveLink Works To Streamline the System?

As with any business start-up, during your launch you will be the jack of all trades and will need to handle every facet of the business. To best prepare our franchisees to succeed, we realized the need to develop a software system to handle daily business actions. Having a client management software tailored to our needs frees up more of your time to focus on selling jobs and grooming the leaders who will run your in-field and office operations.

Can I Scale a Suburban Solutions Franchise?

Adding additional territories is always an option. We recommend getting yourself acclimated and comfortable with our processes before opening up an additional branch.
Depending on availability, you can purchase a neighboring territory or open up a completely separate territory. To open up a separate territory, you would first need to promote or hire a director to manage your current branch.

What Training and Support Does Suburban Solutions Offer?

We have developed a comprehensive Training Program that begins immediately after the Franchise Agreement is signed. We start working with our Franchisees prior to coming to our Headquarters for Phase 1 Training. Our “New Franchisee Opening” checklist provides a week by week schedule of the tasks needed in order to open your location. Our team is on the phone with our new franchise owners on a regular basis assisting them through the start-up process.

Approximately a month prior to opening the doors we conduct our Phase 1 Training Program. This is an intensive 4.5 day seminar held at Suburban Solutions Headquarters. It is structured so that the new franchisee understands both the How and the Why of Suburban Solutions. We feel it is imperative that our franchisee understand not only How to operate their business but also Why we do things a certain way.

Phase II Training coincides with the Grand Opening of the new location. During this time we will spend up to five days at the new location assisting the franchisee with hiring, employee training, day to day operations, marketing and our territory development strategy.

Once the location is up and running, our team is always available via phone and email to answer any questions. As a part of Phase II Training, our Franchise Team will also visit the location several times over the initial year to lend any needed support and continue the training process.

Annual Company Wide Retreat – This will be an annual event that brings the team together. We want to recognize all of our franchise owners for their hard work and help them continue to improve their business. We view this as a great opportunity to interact with our team as well as fellow franchisees.

A Day In the Life Of a Suburban Solutions Franchise?

A typical day at Suburban Solutions is difficult to define. Very rarely are any two days alike. As a franchisee you will be wearing many different hats, especially in the earlier stages until you are able to form a stable foundation and motivated staff to help run the business.

To run a successful business, we can effectively categorize the responsibilities between two roles: Sales and Operations. We have included some highlights of the roles;

Sales: The sales role is a little more focused and revolves around responding to job requests in a quick and thorough manner. The rest of your day will be filled with fielding phone calls, marketing tasks, visiting potential jobs as well as resourcing confirmed appointments.

Operations: Job Prep with material and inventory check, morning dispatch, check in with in-field crews, perform site visits, update daily audits, invoicing and the myriad of customer service tasks.

How Do I Finance a Suburban Solutions Franchise?

Here at Suburban Solutions, we are big proponents of paying for things in cash. It has been a major contributor to our healthy growth and financial strength. If you are not in a position to pay cash for start-up costs, there are still many options that allow you to capitalize on this opportunity. We suggest first going to your local banking institution with your credit score, personal net worth statement and your Suburban Solutions business plan. We will be able to help provide answers as required by your lender to help substantiate the deal. Be mindful of over-leveraging any cash position, whether it be liquid, stocks, bonds or real estate equity. We are able to direct you to non-affiliated national franchise lenders as another source of funding.